Monday, February 1, 2010

Paci Love, Mercy Love

Mercy's the bestest baby ever. If all babies were like her, I'd have 6 more. We just carry her up (after a minute or two of rocking or singing or reading or all of the above), still wide awake, & lay her in bed. She holds those little hands out, which is our cue to put every pacifier we can find into her hands. Usually 4 or 5. Place her lovey and blanket in the crook of her arm, kiss her on the head and walk out of the room.

She's typically calm and laid back... though she does have her fitful moments. She is the baby, after all. 6 little mommas have answered her every whim all of her life. She's gonna be rotten! Cute, but rotten. ;)

Don't you want to just squeeze those cheeks?

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Maury said...

Yes, I do just want to squeeze those cheeks! That is great that she is such a good baby!

Zachariah uses the same brand of paci's, and I call him the paci thief, b/c with Talan, and also with Cristian, he steals them, so he can have one in his mouth, and a couple in his hand :)