Wednesday, February 17, 2010

How Sweet It Is

... to hold a new born baby (I've been humming that song since I got my hands on this little one). It really is one of my favorite things... to rock a baby, to hear their little coos. I behaved myself. I didn't ask to undress her. I didn't see her tiny feet.

It's even sweeter when the tie that binds you is a special one. This sweet baby's family loved me when I was unlovable - when I was doing a pretty sufficient job of pushing away everyone in my family hard and furious (yes, I was one of those teens). They played a very special role in my life and I love them dearly.

My two older girls tagged along... they took after their momma when it comes to loving babies. Faith, especially, immediately started in on wanting another one for our own family. Really? You have 5 sisters and you want more? To which she replies quickly that it REALLY needs to be a boy. Bi-racial. Like we can go to McDonald's and place an order.

I love that they know just how to hold a baby. I love that their siblings have given them a glimpse into what life is like for others... they've literally seen children ripped from their parents (that was an accident, how that all happened was extremely unprofessional) but it has really shaped how they see our life, and how they care for little ones.


Me said...

How sweet!!! I love to hold babies too, as do my kiddos. Maybe you need you another "little biracial boy" That is CRACKING me up...b/c you will never guess what our house wants.....a biracial little girl! We have had 4 baby boys in a row.

Mandy said...

AWWWW!! Whose baby?! Love the pics... made me all warm and fuzzy inside :)

And, seriously, I am loving your hair these days! It's looked so awesome everytime I've seen you.. or seen pics of you. ;)

Your girls are hilarious! Didn't they always want TWO chocolate babies before you started fostering? lol You never know what God will have in store... I'm learning that, myself! And, you are so right.. your girls' have hearts like other kids just cannot possess b/c of the family you guys have. I love it!