Friday, February 26, 2010

Darn Dog

Meet Happy. She's the newest member of our family, and we love her.

A little while back, when it snowed outside, I took the camera out to take pictures of the kids. Seemed like every picture I snapped, there Happy was, attached to Grace's sleeve.

I swear she had those teeth sunk into Grace's sleeve for 30 minutes.

Grace finally looked at me and said, "Darn dog". I've gotta do better about my language. So doesn't sound good hearing it back out of my child's mouth. At least she didn't say "CCCRRRRAAAAAAPPPPP". Which my mouth seems to be fond of lately. Think less of me? Shoulda heard what I said when I walked into the open cabinet door. You know, the one right at forehead level, that I had left open to put dishes away out of the dishwasher. Smart, huh?

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