Friday, February 5, 2010

My Mother

My mother is turning red right this very minute. Don't worry, Mom, I only have about 10 readers... on a good day. This is mostly for you and me. And because I think you're hilarious.

Yesterday was one of those days. It wasn't terrible, mind you, and I wasn't in a bad mood (believe it or not). But it was, none the less, just one of those days. It started when I burnt the pancakes. Almost as impossible as burning soup when you consider I don't mean I burnt one batch on one side. No, every last pancake was crispy, and a few non-edible. Pretty sure pancakes shouldn't be crunchy. It set off the smoke alarm, and I opened doors to get some of the fog out of the house. So we sat, eating crunchy pancakes under the fan in the freezing cold. Nice.

Blessing melted under the noise of the fire alarm, of course. I'm very much so realizing she definitely has some kind of sensory issue, mostly with noises though some seams and tags/materials bother her, too. I already knew it, but it seems more pronounced lately. Do things like that get worse?

It was very cold and wet here, but I actually kind of like those days occasionally. I wasn't feeling the best in the world, and so it was a great day to spend curled up with books (currently re-reading Karyn Purvis's Connected Child, The Dragon Rider to the big kids, and a Junie B. book to the littles) and movies and stay in pajamas. As the day went on I felt worse. I never actually took my temp, but I'm assuming I had a high fever since I was alternating between chills and then that cold sweat that feels horrible. I spent the better part of the day in the recliner, piling on blankets while I shivered, and then agitatedly throwing them off while I sweat to death.

In the morning I had sent my mom a text message. My sister and I love to text each other, and we've been on Mom hot and heavy to join us. My mom is young and hip (is that laying it on too thick?), and never once did I think it was about ability, but about being frugal (she doesn't have a texting plan). She's also kind of turned off to it (as was I before I got addicted) by other people's rudeness with their phones. My text was just a typical, sweet, Good morning, Have a good day kind of text. My sister and I had decided to send her a text everyday until she gives in and gets a plan. Because you know she can't leave them unopened. The suspense would kill her.

That evening, I got a text back. In all caps. Mom, that means you're yelling. Did you mean to yell at me? The text said, "I CAN DO IT BYE". I busted out laughing. Which was needed cause currently 6th grade math had both Faith AND I in tears. I told ya, one of those days. Faith was reading the text(s) along with me, and we both needed that smile. I quick texted my mom back, saying glad she can do it, but I can't do math. Explaining we were in tears. Now if that doesn't rise a compassionate response from your mother, what will?

Then I get back, the same message a 2nd time, "I CAN DO IT BYE". Now Faith and I are really laughing because it's obvious she can't. Even though she did yell at me twice and I was already in tears, we over looked that part and wittingly replied, "Are you sure you can do it?". And then we quit math and giggled over it more while we soothed ourselves with chocolate and coke. I said , "Math sucks". And then Faith (12 years old) gave me a speech about the word "sucks". I'm getting that mother-of-the-year award this year, dang it.


Anonymous said...

JR did it.

Anonymous said...

JR did it.

Sugar-n-Spice said...

oh, my goodness, i'm laughing so hard i'm crying!!!! mom, you're hilarious! and just for any reader who is interested, JR is my dad (who was sure to be schooling her on texting)... anonymous is my mom, and she's either extremely witty for posting it twice or not as young and hip as I led you to believe. you choose. either way, it's too funny for words.

Anonymous said...

She shouldnt feel too bad...I just started texting this week and I am 29! ;)

I have burnt all the pancakes before...I blame it on the batter!

Kendall has a sensory issue as doesnt really get better but hers hasnt gotten worse.Hers is tags,hair,pets,loud tvs,any overstimulus...the list goes on.Does she have an OT?Ask her about doing joint compressions,brushing...a sensory diet.

Maury said...

I think that the sensory issues could maybe not get worse, but as they are first developing, maybe you don't notice them as much, and then you do...or as she gets older, she is more articulate about the things....before she didn't know how to express the itchyness so it came across with a different behavior, but now she can communicate it to you..does that make sense???

I am cracking you about all your texting and commenting...very funny!

I have been wanting to read that book the Connected Child. I actually had the opportunity to go see the author speak at Christie's church, but something came up that night...I think it was the night before the kids started public school so I just couldn't go, but I heard great things about her.

lisa b said...

I have a love/hate relationship with texting. Love it for short "hey -- when will you be home?" type things. HATE it for things that actually require conversation.

If I had a dollar for every time my children have heard say that something sucks, I probably wouldn't have to work full time anymore. Some days just get the best of you, don't they?

And hey -- if that's the worst thing they hear come from our mouths, then I'd say we're doing OK.

<3 -- lisa

40winkzzz said...

i once heard a wise woman, a little older than I and very involved in teen ministry, say, "No, I'm not going to learn to text, because then I would have to DO it!" :-) hehe. my philosophy exactly....

but hubz just recently got both of us new phones with keypads so we could text more easily. "a phone is a phone, not a computer," i said. "i don't need a keypad because i don't text." "you will if you want to communicate with your kids, he said. true that. our 19- & 22-y/o's will rarely return a voice mail message but will almost always answer a text message. so now i text--- but only my kids.

your mom is funny.

Becky Gustafson said...

Hey girl, I miss you and your witty humor! I was laughing so hard at this post! The girls are all getting so big...and are all so cute...wish we could have seen you before we left. You're welcome here anytime you feel bored and want to make a 1000 mile trip!! :)

Mandy said...

Okay, I'm ROLLING over the texting! I'm glad it came at a time when you needed it. My kids are lucky their daddy is good at math or they'd be doomed! I dread them getting older for THAT reason.

Sensory issues - Madison has them! They were probably at their peek for her when she was ages 3-5. I truly gave away clothes that were BRAND NEW b/c she would not wear them. She'd freak out, cry, scratch at them.. "it's itchy! It hurts! It feels weird!"

Loud noises would literally make her hold her ears and sob.

It started getting better by age 6, and now that she's 8 we almost never notice it anymore! That could be more b/c I know what clothes she won't wear now... but noises aren't as overwhelming to her for sure.