Thursday, February 4, 2010

Napping Turtles

Gracie drew a map yesterday.

A treasure map. Then she cracked me up telling me about her adventures trying to get to that pirate's treasure. That's "Snake Lake" at the top. And she told me about it with all the drama and fear (complete with trembling) of having been in that lake before, surrounded by snakes... some big enough to swallow her whole, and some no bigger than her pinky finger. She barely got out alive. So glad she had the "back scene" to keep the poison from killing her.

Then there is "Flower Hill". Thank goodness she could rest and sing something equivalent to "Sound of Music" while dancing and twirling.... I assure you I got the whole show. I wasn't really paying attention to the whole thing. Bad mothering, I know. But the child can do this for

Sometime hours later we finally got around to the Napping Turtles. If you want to see one it's over there on the left with the purple head. I said, "You mean snapping turtles?". And she laughed. Whole-heartedly like I was the funniest thing on Earth. And then said, full of smiles and giggliness, "Silly momma, turtles don't have fingers."

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Anonymous said...

Bet there's been many a southern fisherman who wished their snapping turtle had been napping!