Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Not Quite the After

So we aren't completely done, but we're getting close. At least there isn't a whole in the wall. And we can all fit around the table. Yay!

My husband built, we stained, I painted, and he distressed the wood. Kind of. He drew the line at sanding. I wanted him to do a little burning/beating, too. Really distress it. He wanted to be able to paint back over it if it didn't look right, and so here's the compromise.

Any ideas on window treatments and cushions? I'm so NOT the decorating type. I mean, I know when I like something, and I want it to look nice. But I'm a country girl at heart, and am just not the creative type when it comes to that sort of thing. So... what kind of material for the cushions? Patterned or solid? or none at all? And I really need those blinds, the sun really comes blazing in during the afternoons, and I'm guessing curtains might look rather silly over the blinds? Take the blinds down anyway? Hmm, Hmmm, Hmmm.... ;)

Oh, and I'm cruising the flea markets for 4 old country chairs for the rest of the seating around the table.

A close up of the colors:


Mandy said...

Oh I love it!!! That is super cool and perfect for you guys! With all of your kids and the mess that is bound to end up on cushions, I'd go for patterns. I'm very simple when decorating so my style would probably be something like a simple checked or gingham design - or stripes.

For your chairs, cruise on down here and hit up Discount Merchandise. They have some really cool chairs upstairs!

Maury said...

I love it, and want it so bad!!

I think it would be fine to put curtains over the blinds.

For suggestion would be something that would velcrow in place...otherwise, with all those monkeys scooting around on the bench, a pillow would never stay in place!! I say that as I think about how many times I pick our couch pillows up off the floor. :)

Mandy said...

Good idea! You can just get some of that velcro from walmart that has the adhesive on both sides so you can stick some to the bench and some to the cushions. I'm putting that away in my brain for future reference. lol

oh, and curtains over blinds is FINE! :)