Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What It Really Looks Like

Remember that cute table?

Not so much. I mean, it can be. But it never is. It's this constant hangout place for homework, school books and projects, colors, plates and snacks. Look close... there's a glue gun, an old applesauce cup, empty cereal box, sunflower seeds, magnetix, and tiny pet shop toys.

Then again, at any given time there are children being nourished at that table. Children patiently (or not) learning to work diligently, take pride in their work, and accomplishing great feats (learning to spell is great, right?). Children laughing over their snack or playing peek-a-boo with their little sister. Life is good. Clutter drives me crazy. But life is good.


Mandy said...

I still love your beautiful table... it just adds character to add in an old applesauce container here and there. ;) (that's basically what my entire house looks like...)

Lisa said...

Love it!

40winkzzz said...

cleared-off tables are a sign of a misspent life, or neuroticism, or something. or maybe they're just a condition that comes with not having children.