Friday, February 12, 2010


Yesterday evening the flakes began to fall. My kids were super excited. They didn't wait for it to accumulate, as soon as it was snowing they headed out. It rarely snows here in our little corner of the world, and the little girls have been praying nightly for snow.

Charity wasn't having the best of days (far from the worst, though) and needed to finish up a chore before going out. I think it hurt me way worse than her to make her stay in. She got with the program though, and made it outside not too long after the rest of us. I'm thinking maybe something fairly traumatic happened around a wintry storm. I'm remembering the last time it snowed (2 years ago) she was a pill. Sabotaged the fun. Couldn't sled or enjoy anything. Come to think of it, I know that her move to me happened when her foster mom fell on ice and broke her hip. Charity was with her and saw her loaded into the ambulance, writhing in pain. She later told me that G.S. (her name for foster mom) fell on purpose so that she wouldn't have to care for her anymore. Maybe there's a connection to yesterday's yucky behaviors?

Faith got snow in her pants. Hilarious.

Mercy desperately wanted outside, too, so despite already having the sniffles, I took her outside. She loved it. But she didn't see much.

The kids all went out for round 2 this morning. With Dad. And the big 2 were mmmaaaaaadddddd about going to school. We let them play first, and be tardy. I hate school. I really do. I'm still a homeschooler at heart. This stinks. I wanted to keep them home today. Ugh.

Our home this morning:

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Mandy said...

Oh I still praise God everytime I see that big BEAUTIFUL home of yours!! What an incredible testimony for his provisions!

I remember her telling you that about her falling on purpose.. gosh that's so sad. To think of how YOUNG she was when she thought that up in her little brain is so heartbreaking.

The other pics cracked me up! Snow in the pants, hat over the eyes.. just another day in the life! :)

Oh, I sooo kept my kids home today! lol We make up our own snow days 'round here!