Monday, February 22, 2010

Must Post Something

Except I have no idea what. Oh... Oh, when you can't think of anything, it comes in bullet points, right? Last week I:

- saw the doctor. One of those dreaded appointments when a girl needs one of Annie's hoodie/sarong packs. I also took a scolding like I was 3 - for minimizing and waiting to come in. Trying not to share just way too much information in an inappropriate place, but the scolding might have been slightly less humiliating had we been talking face to face. Ahem. And the real joy is I get to do it all again (I was referred) this week. Lucky, lucky me.

- saw the doctor again. This time my 4 year old had/has torticollis. I had actually been waiting on an excuse to take her in to talk about some developmental issues, anyway. My concerns for her are growing... and so Blessing, too, left with a referral. 2 of them actually. One to PT for her torticollis and one to a children's testing type facility. Our clinic really should just put up a statue out front for our contributions. I love my doctor, but I've seen a little much of her lately. ;)

- My husband played the guitar and I sang at a wild game supper Saturday night. Only we crashed and burned. Really. We could not find each other for the life of us. Only 300 people there. Sheesh. Other than that it was a great night with lots of interesting food (ever had coon?), great fellowship and fun.

- Because of all the winter weather we've had, we've missed "fairapy" for over a month. Charity is hanging in there. She has her moments, but she's actually tolerated it pretty well. It's probably me that needs it more than she does. It forces me to concentrate on Charity only and enjoy her for the shining personality she is... instead of constantly barking the corrections.

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Mandy said...

Oh how I will giggle the next time I pull up to the Dr's office and imagine a statue dedicated to your family! And, at least you knew the chewin' was comin... ;)