Monday, January 18, 2010

Oh, What I Would Give

Today is a BEAUTIFUL day, and so we loaded the wagon with water, skates, tissues (one very sniffly sickly daughter who still wanted to go), and Mercy. All 5 bigger girls climbed on their bikes and we walked/rode a couple of blocks down from our home to our church, which just so happens to have a huge empty parking lot with some sidewalks that serve as perfect ramping spots. The church also has a great jungle gym, and we spent the morning riding, playing, and chasing Mercy.

Mercy is the perfect age for the slide. Her little face said it all, such self-satisfaction with the ability to climb the ramp, go to the slide, sit, and come down all on her own. Such glee from the slippery slide... she'd zoom down and her laughter made my heart swell till I thought it would burst. I would love to take pictures, and share with you, but I can't find my camera. Wasn't too worried the first day or two, but by now I'm thinking it may be really gone. I'm so sad.

After some much needed vitamin D, my husband treated us to the ever-so-rare lunch out as a family. We enjoyed our lunch (and I enjoyed not having to fix or clean), and we headed back home. Oh what I would give to be able to accurately explain the chaos that ensued in the van. To have a way for you to actually hear what we were hearing.

As is very typical of our middlest girls, all 3 were humming and/or singing. Nothing obnoxious, just singing to themselves. Someone who shall remain nameless. or not. It was Hope. Was rather frumpily huffing over the noise. "Make them stop, Puh-leeese." Which I thought was rather intolerant of her. And so I made a great suggestion. Let's all sing different songs at the same time. On your mark. Get set. GO!!!!

Oh, my.

Could you hear us, Canada?

Ms. Grump covered her ears, but everyone else was participating. Even Mercy, tho with a rather confused look, was adding her voice to the mix. I got so tickled I peed in my pants. Yeah, about that... everyone who's had babies? or do I need to see a doctor?

Anyway, amid all my laughing, and the loud noise, my husband literally yells, "STOP!". The scary kind of yell. The kind that produces immediate silence. The kind that made me look for the person we just hit or were about to hit, because it had to be that bad.

Then, my crazy man comes in with the next line, "collaborate and listen, Ice is back with my brand new invention..." and proceeds to rap. Um, ahem... He's white. and NOT that good. But it was HILARIOUS! All the kids busted out in ridiculous fashion. Like seriously, I'm wondering how they even know the song. How do they know how to do that sort of cheering and, "Hey, Ho, go dad" kind of thing. CRAZY!

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Melissa Stover said...

i'm so glad you had a GREAT day! my girls so wanted to call you and for us to come to the park and meet you but it was muddy and i really wanted to spend a day at home, clearing my throat. seriously. sore throat all weekend and now junk in there.

i had a question.

no, a comment: i don't pee in my pants. i have a tiny gas problem though. can't believe i just admitted that.