Friday, January 15, 2010

Not Me Monday

I am not posting a "Not Me Monday" on Friday. Just because I want to. Because I totally do not have writer's block at the moment.

I am not that hard pressed for something to post. I have 6 girls for crying out loud. And a crazy husband. Can't somebody provide me some material?

I did not buy a route 44 cherry vanilla Dr. Pepper. Because you know, I seriously have $3 to blow on a drink. And I seriously do not have heart palpitations or trouble sleeping after that much caffeine and sugar - even if said drink was consumed at 6:30 a.m.

I absolutely did not only have about 3 sips and then let that wonderfully evil thing go to waste. Gah! Kids are starving in other countries.

The cup did not stay in the cup holder in the van,... for, like a week or more (still full, liquid sloshing every big bump). You know, until it had mold in there.

Then, my Faith-ie pooh did not take a big fat gulp of it on day 8 or 9 or 15.

She also did not then roll down the window, and totally spew right out the side of the moving van. (Sorry to the folks in the green bug behind us)

And I absolutely DID NOT laugh my head off. Because, you know I'm a better mother than that. How inconsiderate could I be? NOT ME!


Melissa Stover said...

my kids told me about that ROFLOL! you bad mother.

40winkzzz said...

i'm really glad that you did *not* do all those things. ;-)

hey, it has been fun catching up with you again. and... you got your pictures changed! this morning, apparently, because i was just here late last night (er... early this morning).

yay for finally having your girls officially become part of your family! i look forward to hearing more of your adventures. (no pressure. :-)

Melissa Stover said...

the header covered up your date. i'll crop and re send it.