Friday, January 22, 2010


Once upon a time there was a beautiful, young, amazing mother who ever-so-sweetly told 3 of her little darlings that they could, indeed play outside... just please don't get in the mud.

And so, her 3 precious little ones hurriedly put on their rain boots and scurried outside to enjoy the sun. Of course, you know that these children ALWAYS obey. Like the good little children they are. The end. Or not.

Do you see the discarded boots in the background? Children make no sense.

While the sun was warm all was wonderful. They thought not listening was grand fun. And then, as the sun began to slip away, it was no longer warming their little bodies. Cold, and wet, they decided they wanted to come inside. Which, of course, they couldn't do until they were hosed down.

This last picture cracks me up. It's so telling. Grace and Charity are both realizing maybe it wasn't such a good idea after all. They also look a little confused, like is mom mad? am I in trouble? usually trouble and getting my picture made doesn't go together? Yet Blessing is just as happy as ever. Still oblivious to the fact that disobedience has consequences. Cold, miserable consequences.

Don't feel sorry for them. After the hosing (from which the screaming should have elicited a visit from DHS, or a concerned neighbor) they got a warm shower, footie fleece pj's, a hot bowl of taco soup, and hot chocolate. I want their life.


Lisa said...

I want their life too. Looks like so much fun!

And can you send the taco soup recipe? Pretty please????

Maury said...

I am smiling...b/c I noticed the same thing on those girl's faces about the consequences...Blessings is still so excited about the mud, and the other 2 are thinking...when is momma gonna blow?? Love it!

40winkzzz said...

and the mom watched out the window and saw the disobedience and wrestled within herself. it was disobedience, but they were having SO much fun. and really, mud is so irresistible. so she went back and forth: lecture, or camera? consequences, or soup? shower, or... or hose! hose equals consequences and photo op. consequences AND soup! and camera too.

i loved this post!