Wednesday, January 27, 2010

More Ketchup

One Saturday during the summer the kids were invited to an afternoon birthday party where there were going to be a couple of big blow-up type water slides. Faith had a swim meet that day, too, but typically they are over by 2 or so, so we didn't think making both events would be a problem. So we loaded everyone up and went to the meet to cheer on biggest sister.

Only the cheering didn't last long. It was hot. HOT. Do you hear me? Middle of summer Arkansas, melt your eye lashes, can't breathe the air is so heavy kind of hot. Cheering quickly became whining. and grumbling. and sweating to death. Let's remember they are watching other people swim, while they can't get in the pool, and don't understand why. Miserable, I tell you. And so we began to bribe. I know, stellar parenting. We told them about the party. About the water slides. About how much fun it would be.

Except we missed the party. Yep, the meet ran too late. I felt so sorry for them.

Sorry enough to use the plastic from hell. The little rectangular one. You know, the credit card. Shhhh... we're on the beat-debt-build-wealth plan. Don't tell David Ramsey.

Waiting for it to be ready is SO hard!

Grace (Love that face):

Where Mercy went after the first splash in the eyes:

Even Dad was HHHHHOT:

So fun for everyone:

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Maury said...

We are definately planning a trip to your house next summer! :)