Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Catch-Up Blogging

I have quite the swimmer.

It was actually 2 summers ago that I jumped in with her for a race. Keep in mind I'm ?-years her senior. And she was only 10 at the time. I expected to easily beat her. Or you know, being the good mother that I am, at least to take it easy and make it look like it was really close for her confidence boost. Um, no... she left me in the dust. So the second go 'round I gave it my all from start to finish. She still beat me by a body length. Not to mention while she was begging for others to challenge her, I thought I was going to pass right out. I couldn't breathe for an hour. Couldn't see without spots for 2.

Almost every weekday morning this past summer (and the summer before), she's practiced with a swim team from 7 to 9. She's such a hard worker, and thrives on the competition. Most of the kids (shameless bragging about to occur) would complain or whine about the tough workout, or at the very least not swim their best; my Faith, however, swims her hardest the entire time. From start to finish she's concentrating, working hard, giving it her all. I'm so proud of her!

For most of her swim meets this summer her dad and I took turns attending with her. We did brave one meet with the whole family (another post for another day - tomorrow, maybe) cheering her on, but most of the time her dad or I took her.

I think Faith might enjoy writing on herself as much as swimming. If you're new to swim meets, this is how the kids keep up with which events they are swimming, which heat, which lane, and which stroke for each event. They also would draw all over themselves, much like a pep rally or crazy football fans do... she would typically put a Warren Waves (her team) on one shoulder, and "Eat my Bubbles" on the other.

She's already looking forward to being a part of swim team this summer, too. Already asking when it will start.

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Lisa said...

This is so cool! Unbelievably cool that she works so hard at it.
Bravo Faith! Bravo!