Thursday, January 28, 2010


I've read all the books people. I know eating is a control battle that isn't worth fighting. I've even given advice to other moms about how to get their kids to eat food. Heck, I myself lived on cereal and chicken strips for years on end. BUT THIS KID IS DRIVING ME CRAZY!!!!!!

I know, they'll eat if they're hungry enough. I think I know it. That's what everybody says. But I'm telling you she just might shrivel up and die rather than eat ANYTHING other than peanut butter and honey sandwiches.

I know some of you RADical moms have RADishes and are dealing with it, too. But just for the record, this is not my RADilicious baby. Actually 2 of my born-of-the-heart babies are fantastic eaters. Hoarders and gorgers, in fact. I'm beginning to think that's better than this other yahoo that's gonna literally blow away with the next strong wind.

I can see the advice coming already. Really, I love ya for it, but spare me. I've tried it. I've not said anything. I've offered a wide variety. I've not fixed anything different for her and took the "eat it or don't, either way I don't care" attitude. I've let her not eat at all and ignored her bedtime pleas for a peanut butter and honey sandwich. I've not let it become a control battle between us even tho on the inside I was screaming "EAT THE MEAL, WHINY PANTS! CHILDREN ARE DYING IN OTHER COUNTRIES!" I know she'll grow out of it. (maybe)

Breakfast foods she likes. I fix peanut butter and honey sandwiches for lunch every. single. day. But she got to the point that she literally would not eat ANYTHING I fixed for supper. Tired of watching her waste away and go to bed hungry- & crying I might add- and frustrated beyond belief, I decided to take action. Go ahead, let me have it.

I told her if she didn't eat what was on her plate (it was more than reasonable), that same plate would be served to her at every meal until it was gone. Sure enough, 30 minutes after everyone else had left the table she was still whining in her seat. Real tears. Well, real in the sense that they were wet. How do kids do that? So I kissed her on the head, told her thank you for letting me know she just wasn't hungry enough, and that I would make sure she had that plate with all that yummy food for breakfast.

I really expected to serve it to her for 2 or 3 meals before she caved. But do you know that child ate it with a smile the very next morning? (the difference in RAD and just sheer stubborness) Even while everyone else was chomping down on pancakes?

I know I'll have to do that a few more time before it's all over, but I'm happy for the moment.


Melissa Stover said...

i don't think that would have worked with me. i'm one of those that would rather shrivel up and die than eat something i don't like, however a lot of times my kids like what i cook ok, but prefer to eat something else. this is when i need to pull out your trick. good one.

Lisa said...

I've battled this one too and the only thing that worked was the same thing you did. It took a few times but now it's not a problem.

*breathing a sigh of heavy relief*

annieology said...

I've got a similar problem, my girl won't eat food I give her. if she finds it, can swipe it, can have someone else fix it, she'll eat until she explodes. But if mom fixes it, no way on God's green earth is that going in my mouth. It's so frustrating. Maybe I'll try the you'll eat all the food on that plate before you get anything else technique.