Monday, January 25, 2010

Have Mercy

Mercy is growing and her little personality is blooming... she's such a joy. Her favorite toys are clothes hampers and toothbrushes. Before you draw any conclusions, she has plenty of toys. She has baby dolls, lots of pull or push toys that make noise, light up, etc., etc. And she does play with those, too, just not nearly as much as clothes hampers and toothbrushes. Silly girl.

She'll get a hamper, push it around awhile. Load it with her blankie, paci, a book or two, then climb in. If she's lucky a bigger kid will give her a ride. They push her up and down the kitchen and living room... across the hard wood floor as if the hamper is a car or wagon. She'll often lay all the way down if it's one of the longer, rectangular hampers, and the kids act like she's in an ambulance. But if no one will indulge her in a ride, she'll just climb in and out, pack it down, dump it, pack it again, and push it around herself. Lately she's been using them as stools, too. She flips them over so that she can reach things I've purposely put OUT of her reach - the little monkey.

As for toothbrushes... I still don't get it. She just loves them. Maybe with an 8 member family she's witness to lots of brushing of teeth. And wants to join in? Like most babies with cell phones or remotes? Who knows.


Maury said...

I love seeing pictures of that beautiful little girl!!

She and Zach would have a big time together...he does the same thing! He loves playing with the laundry basket! He loves to move it all around and deposit my clean clothes in a that I can't tell between those, and what was already a trail of dirty left behind by the big kids. haha My kids also love to try to climb in with him, and to push him all around!

Lisa said...

Now that is two cutie patooties!