Thursday, July 31, 2008


After signing up for a site meter, I realize I have much more traffic than previously thought, and so have taken off pictures of some of "my" kids. I am excited to see I have more readers than I realized (I thought there were just about 2 of you).....but since I don't know you all I'm pulling pictures of my born of the heart children. I'll still post pictures of my born of the body children. Don't think I'm being partial. I'm not. Just protective. I'm not trying to out you, because I enjoy anonymous lurking on other sites myself. Hope you hang around and enjoy what you read.

By the way, I've become a frequent visitor of here, and she states so clearly what I can't seem to articulate. She's also why I am now lovingly referring to my children as "born of the heart", or "born of the body". She is a seasoned foster parent and because I haven't really been able to get involved with other foster parents in my area, just having someone who I know understands and "gets" what is going on at my house brings great comfort. She has older children as well as 3 small ones very close to the same ages as mine. I'm not alone. I have also already been the benefactor of her transparency and honesty about previous failures and tough decisions. Some much like my own. Go visit! And if she doesn't inspire you to get involved with a foster family near you, I don't know who can.


Lou said...

I didn't know you were back to blogging. I love reading your stuff. You are so inspirational and true to life.

Annie said...

Thanks, that means a lot to me. I'm glad to know that my rocky road has purpose. Love your stuff.