Saturday, August 2, 2008

Dear neighbors,

Yes, that is sidewalk chalk that covers my drive. And no, I don't even have any intentions of washing it off. It fades eventually.
I kinda like it. Especially the big heart with "mom" inside.

Yes, all those children are mine. I'm not babysitting. But you can, anytime you like!

I suppose the bicycles need a spot other than strewn across the yard. I do tell my children to put them in the proper place. But I suppose your children always do what they're told. I'll bet they aren't dirty, either.

Sorry the lawn isn't mowed as often as yours. I promise I'm more embarrassed about that than you; but the fact is I'm not raising lawns right now. I'm raising children. Could ya please quit sending that guy over here to ask if he can mow it for me?

Please just ignore the escapee that somehow always ends up in the yard in nothing but her panties. I'll realize she's gone eventually. And by the way, I do dress her. Every morning. And 5 minutes after that. And 5 minutes after that. And 5 minutes after that.

You don't have to call DHS because I have big kids playing in the middle of the day. They aren't supposed to be in school. I home school them. I promise. Just ask them to spell something. Um, maybe not. Try some math. They're better at that. Especially if it involves money. And they can sing all the countries in the world. But you've probably already heard that, huh? I know they're incessant singing can be pretty loud. I hope you enjoy the serenades. You should feel lucky your serenades come from the mouth. Sometimes we aren't so lucky from inside the house. Even though they are girls.

And, by the way, they do have a momma. I just felt the need to assure you because I get mistaken for one of them pretty often. I'm kinda small. This past year when visiting my husband's school (he's a teacher), I was in the hall between classes, and a teacher yelled at me. I yelled back, "I've been married for 11 years and I have 6 kids!". I liked that look she made.

Come over anytime! I can't promise much, but we aren't aliens and we're all friendly. Come on the right day and I might even have some warm bread for you... or cookies and milk. Just step over the barbies and books and shoes and bears. We'll have a grand time! Of course we won't be able to hear each other for all the noise, but we can laugh at the kids together, and I have a couple of really great huggers. I really hope to see you soon. But tilt your head a little further down as you walk might rain.


lou said...

you have how many kids? Just kidding. I feel the same way as you do at times bit I only have two.

Annie said...

...and you home school, are you COMPLETELY insane? A different insane than I? We apparently have the same children. My neighbors send food, often, I think they think we can't afford to feed them all. Good news about all the toys in the yard, if the criminals can do math they'll figure I have nothing left to steal.

When I tell the kids to get dressed they ask who's coming over.

Replace the Barbies at your house with trucks and lego's here, and the noise level? What is up with that. Anyway, wouldn't change it. Like knowing there are other crazies by choice out there.

Maury said...

Ha ha, I know my neighbors wonder all those same things about me...and then I know they wonder why neither one of us obviously have a job and our kids don't go to school....b/c all 5 of us are home all day. And, I know I will really throw them for a loop when a couple of new unidentifiable ones get thrown in the mix. One already asked me if we had 4, b/c the neighbor kids are always over here.

I really enjoyed reading this!!

CrossView said...

What an awesome post! =D

Shelley said...

that dirty little half naked kid oughta be in foster care.... LOL!

I know you, of all people, can overlook folks that try to pass judgement, but I know it still gets old. Keep up the AWESOME work, because if they ever truly DID come visit, they would see what a incredibly SMOOTH running household that is, especially since you have 3 times the kids most of us have!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like my house too-

I have met three of your children and I have to say they were some of the most well behaved,beautiful,healthy,well adjusted,well dressed,children I have ever met.

**Phbbbbbbbbbbt**:-P to anyone who thinks otherwise,LOL.

The Source said...

Before you know it all of those precious little girls will be bigger and older and your house will be cleaner and your yard will be mowed! I felt the same when our house was full of small ones...and we only had 4 under the age of 8. Now that everyone is between the ages of 11 and 18, things get done around here more often than they did, but I sure do miss my babies!

That man who keeps asking to cut your grass? Is he offering to do it for free? Let him! Our neighbors enjoyed feeling like they could help out...and still bring us bags of veggies from their garden weekly because it makes the kids so happy!

Hang in there. You're raising lovely young ladies. It just takes time.