Saturday, July 5, 2008

Dirt, anyone?

These 3 partners in crime are becoming closer and closer all the time. Maybe, eventually, they won't be just crime partners.

Maybe not even just sisters.

Maybe. Just maybe. They'll be great friends.

A mom can dream.

Meanwhile, the quarreling has come down from an insane level to one I would consider pretty normal for any family. Not bad for sisters who have not had since birth to get to know each other. Or for a couple of girls who got a rocky start in life and social skills just didn't exactly come easy. I love this picture! The dirt just adds character, huh?


hsmomma5 said...

They are so precious! I hope that my kids will be friends when they grow up too. Most of them are already closer than the average siblings I think. Of course, homeschooling has helped that in my opinion.

Beautiful little girls, definitely!

Anonymous said...

So sweet,I am glad they are bonding well now!!!

Annie said...


40winkzzz said...

That is a cute, cute pic. And... What's a kid without dirt, anyway?

Maury said...

I just love this picture of the 3 girls!!