Thursday, July 24, 2008


....Sadie is sleeping.

Yes, like that.

And, by the way, that's our schnauzer's bed. The two of them are pretty good friends, actually. There are times when they are chasing each other around playing like 2 kittens. But when it comes down to it, Sadie is the one who rules the roost. It's all fun and games until Sadie gets tired of playing. Then she lays back her ears, sticks up a paw as if to say, "Come any closer and I'll use the claw". Toby (the much bigger DOG) quickly renounces claim to his bed, his food, or wherever/whatever Sadie has decided is hers when she hisses. He comes to my side and looks all pitiful. And I say, "Boy, if you can't take up for yourself against that itsy kitten, I'm not doing it for you."

I think this is why we have all girls. A boy would never make it. Around here, girls definitely rule and boys definitely drool.


hsmomma5 said...

How funny! She looks like she has carved out her 'niche' in the family for sure!

Brownie said...

hi again :) Thanks for the visit.

Red is a long story. In a nutshell we had been trying to adopt for 6 years - we were approved it just wasn't happening. Then a SW told me I was going about it all wrong - we should get our foster care license. So we started that - the week we were approved a get a phone call "would we be interested in a healthy newborn boy?" DUH!! We weren't expecting that.

He was placed with us as a concurrent placement. We assisted w/visits to his parents for the reunification efforts. Didn't work. We adopted him.

We still had our foster care license. We decided that if God wanted us to have more children we would get them before the license expired. We also had decided if anymore siblings were born during that time - we would take them.

Our license expired this spring. Our family is complete.

Well I found out that his cousins went into placement.... but I was told it was a long shot that we would get them. Well it's no longer a long shot and we are scrabbling to get our paperwork done. I guess we shouldn't have given God a timeline that He must work within!

There has been no termination petition filed yet - but I strongly suspect that it's going that direction.

It's not what I had planned. But there is a very strong suspicion that the little boy and my Red our half brothers. They are just a couple of months apart - my Red is three yrs old. The little sister is 18 months.

My dd Blondie is 11 yrs old.

and believe it or not that WAS the short story in a nutshell!!!

Mandy said...

Hey girl! It's great to "see" you! Hey, by the way, I MISS YOU GUYS!! If you won't be at church anytime soon then you guys must come to the house for some water slidin' fun and some supper... I can't handle not seeing that big bunch of girls for this long. :)

BTW, your walmart story from hell literally had me lol... omgosh... girl I feel for you! I wish I'd have been there to rescue you!

quitecontrary1977 said...

look at that little pink belly! i just want to rub on that fat tummy!

Monica said...

We have a cat of the same markings.. he goes by the name of Tiger.