Tuesday, July 8, 2008


My computer has a mind of it's own. Some days it comes on. Some days it does not. Some days it will stay on, some days it goes off right in the middle of something unsaved. Annoying. To say the least. So, when you do not hear from me, pray for my computer! ;)

There are tons of things going on right now. A move for our family is likely. Our family dynamics are ever-changing...I guess that comes with the territory of being a foster family. Vacation is just a few days away...and I can't wait!!!! So, our home is abuzz with packing (moving packing, and vacation packing), painting/getting the house ready to sell. Ok, it seems like a lot more than that. Why is it when written down it doesn't seem like something I should be so stressed about?

So, there you have it. Much ado about nothing. These are a couple of pics of our 3 youngest.

The fish (Blessing):

This kid is really swimming. Really. Swimming. Am I the only one amazed by this?

Here are the 2 that refuse to get their faces wet. They are slightly bothered by the fact the one smaller and younger sibling is getting so much clapping and yelling and excitement from the adults. But not enough to do anything about it.


hsmomma5 said...

I had heard that you might be moving.

Do you scrapbook (in you SPARE time--haha!)?? If so, that second picture is going to make one really adorable page!

Anonymous said...

Moving?Out of town moving or from one house to another moving? :(

Look at her go!!!Swimming like a fish.

Hope that you have a REALLY great vacation!!!!!!