Saturday, September 6, 2008

Why, yes

As a matter of fact, those are my children. In a mix of their underwear and dress-up clothes and pajamas.

In the rain.

In the POURING DOWN rain.

And, we spent HOURS in the dark.

Gustav made a name for himself in our home. Not a very nice name, either. He robbed us of electricity. I really thought it was about 5 days of no lights, but, turns out, when I counted it up, it was only 3. It sure felt longer, though. Because our home is all electric, he also robbed us of hot baths and warm meals. He stole our hard wood floor. Completely ruined. And our home reeks of wet stink. I gave up trying to wait on electricity about the 2nd day in, and loaded up our van and headed to my mom's.

Thank God for mothers.

The girls spent a couple of days baking cookies with their great grandmother, following in the steps of their Papa through the woods and all over the yard, putting together a kajillion puzzles with their Nana, and other fantastic fun only wonderful grandparents can provide. It was the perfect safe haven for a couple of days. If you don't count that my RADish is not at her best when her normal life is uprooted and there are extra people to show out for. By the way, I'll fill you in on what I think about the book in an upcoming post.

I missed you all, and hope to catch up, soon! ;)


chickadee said...

you poor poor mommy! i'm so sorry for you.

glitzen said...

yikes, that definitely sounds like no fun. yes, thank heaven for mothers! Mine came through for me this summer, when after 10 days straight of rain, she called me and said "how about a road trip?" and we took off looking for sunshine. had to drive 12 hrs but found some!
best wishes getting life back to normal again! cute pics!

Amanda and Justin Dreyer said...

Looks like they made the best of it! Too funny!

Anonymous said...

just like my kids ;)

I heard that the lights were out on most of the town.How horrible that they were out for so long.But how wonderful that the kiddos got to have such a good time in the process.

Mandy said...

Oh girl I'm so glad you guys got out of Dodge!

Your floors are ruined?! Omgosh :( That stinks!

The Source said...

Next time you send the girls out to play in a tropical storm, hand them a bar of soap and some shampoo. One of my twins wants to shower in the rain every time a drop falls out of the sky! Works great...unless there's thunder.

I'm sorry about all the flooding, though. That really stinks. I hope all is back to normal very soon. You're in our prayers.