Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fair Night

Every year, the kids get armbands for one night at the fair. You know, a little paper bracelet that allows them to ride any ride as many times as they want from 6 to 10. Feeling very brave, because you can't take any kids without expecting the full day to be crazy with distractions and fits and over stimulation, I purchased the arm bands knowing the fun they'd bring along with all the melting down. So, after packing a back pack with sippie cups and light jackets and crackers and extra clothes for my pee-not-in-potty kid, we headed out to the fair. We were just a little before 6, so we rounded the exhibits and the animals (such fun!). I thought Blessing was never going to leave the pig. He was snorting away and she thought that was the funniest thing ever. I'm racking my brain, thinking, surely she's has seen a pig before. But I guess maybe she really hasn't.... other than the pictures in the books we read. She snorted and squealed and turned circles, oh how I wish I'd had a video camera!

I can't believe how big the kids are getting. Even my 2 4-yr olds jumped on rides that just seemed way too big for them. The big swings. The Ferris Wheel (with their siblings, not with their parents.... we didn't have armbands). The Tilt-a-Whirl. Which, by the way, I'm SO old! I could ride anything I wanted over and over again at one time in my life, now I can't even watch my kids go round and round without being queasy. The Tilt-a-Whirl was their favorite, I think. At least they rode it a thousand times. I wish I had brought my camera so that you could see how little they looked! They squealed and laughed and ran from ride to ride. Blessing clung to my neck after quickly jumping on a ride, then realizing she didn't like it, cried the whole ride, and then wouldn't try another one for quite some time. There was one slide, though, that she slid on a hundred times. The guy in the gate just stopped making her go out the exit like all the other kids, she was free to go right from the bottom back to the ladder again.

My RADling? Not a hitch. And we're talking a public place!!!!!! I think she was so excited about the rides that charming everyone around her was too far back in her brain! She had a couple of whines about not getting to go to the exact ride she wanted to right at the moment, but no fits or aggression when corrected and explained to that we have to do what others want to do, too. Very good night for her. There was one incident of pushing a sibling, but she paid her consequence without too much of a fuss, and even allowed me to comfort her afterwards right in the middle of all that noise and crowd and lights. I couldn't believe it. She also was nurturing towards a friend's baby while sitting out a ride because of the pushing. Ok, for those of you who can't appreciate this...... I'm saying she pushed, yes, but when dished the consequence of sitting out for a ride, she cried. Usually it would be met with screaming and fitting. Very loud, obnoxious crying that isn't genuine. These were real tears, yes it was only because she didn't get to ride, but that would be any kid's response. The fact is, it was genuine. And, after a few minutes of turning her back to me, she turned back around and held up her arms for me to hold her. I then explained what she did, what she should have done, and that she would get to ride again when the other kids got off that one ride. She stopped crying, smiled and talked to ME about OTHER things while we waited. No more whining. No more blaming. And, she even focused her attention to a nearby baby, which she lovingly patted on the back and talked to softly. Where did this kid come from? Wooo-hooooo!!!!

I had 2 kids that didn't last till 10. I brought them home at about 9 (after getting our 12 passenger stuck in the field and being pulled out by about 6 guys, including one with a 4 wheel drive and a chain....another post for another day). I'll bet you can't guess which 2! It wasn't my RADical darling, or my fraidy cat (Grace)...who was riding everything there...go figure. One was Hope... who loves to ride and is much less cautious about what she'll ride than her older sibling, unfortunately for her she gets motion sickness. So, looking very green she finally agreed home sounded good, and I brought Blessing along with me. Blessing wasn't convinced she was done, but she was beginning to wilt. So I pulled the "I'm the mommy" card and made her come home, too. But no one was actually in bed until after 10. They did stay in bed a little longer than normal this morning....we'll see what today holds! No matter what, it was very worth the trouble! Lots of fun and hopefully some great family memories!


Anonymous said...

Jamie and Mandy took the kiddos last night too.But they werent as prepared as you,they had to leave at 8:30 because someone peed their pants and they had no extras of anything.They got stuck too...LOL.

Sounds like a pretty good night for you guys and I have to say I dont blame Hope,I get a little green around the gills on rides as well(always have).

Jennifer said...

Sounds like they had a blast! The boys are going with their daddy and I'll probably take the girls out there Saturday for a little while. They are still pretty small to ride much, so I figure it's not worth trying to fight the crowd on arm band night.

Maury said...

Ahh, the fair! That used to be the highlight of my life every year in high school b/c everyone I knew was there. Then, as an adult I hated going...b/c everyone I knew was there! LOL We can't afford the State Fair...wheh!!

I enjoyed your recount of the night, sounds like they had a great time. And WOOHOO about your RAD darling, that sounds like great progress!

hsmomma5 said...

Ahhh...progress, how encouraging! I enjoyed reading over the handouts you told me about and picked up a couple of things from there. Tried the no anger thing today (very hard for me) and just made him face the consequences. I was VERY surprised at how it went! I'll tell you all about it later!

Mandy said...

Hooray for fair night! We had a blast too and were SO glad we saw all of you. :) Your eldest and almost eldest can talk Madison into doing anything.. so they better stay good kids. ;) She loved it and Carter loved that he got to tag along. It's so refreshing to see another family where the older kids don't always get mad or upset when they "have to" help the younger ones. I think that's a unique quality in children in today's time.. don't you?

Oh, and Sam seemed to love Charity as much as she loved him :)

Unspeakable Joy said...

yay for normal moments at the fair! i love our boring, normal times so much! :)

Alyssa's Mom said...

That is a huge victory when our kiddos accept a punishment and show genuine emotion!

Those moments of "normal" are priceless!