Monday, September 15, 2008

Fun Friday

I know, I know. It's Monday. I've been a little busy. Gee, I can't imagine why!

I try to reserve Fridays for lots of fun. We still do school, but it's the fun stuff. Last Friday we painted flower pots and will be planting some seeds for our botany lessons, played in the rain again, spent some time in the kitchen making rice krispie treats and pizza, did a little reading and squeezed in a couple of not so fun math lessons in between. We also listened to some of our new favorite audio series, The Pond radio show, and Jonathan Park radio drama.

Yes, Blessing is naked. Well, all except for the diaper that I swore I would never again put on her about 2 or 3 months ago. 6 pair of panties per day later, I caved. I'm frustrated about that, both at myself and her, and not sure what the next step is. She's 3, people. 3 and though slightly developmentally delayed, not enough that makes me think she is not capable of potty training. In fact, she has had as much as a week at a time with no accident. Then suddenly, 6 panties in one day again. every. day. arg. And as far as the nakedness, well, neurologically she tolerates clothes just fine. But one speck of wet, dirt, paint, or if the seams aren't just right, off they come.

And then there's Charity. Who after 2 seconds of pretty colors and paint brushes decided that madly banging and franticly rubbing the paint all over the page worked much better. She's one of those if-I-can't-do-it-perfectly-then-I-freak personalities. You're not the only one, darling. Definitely not the only one.

I know it's a terrible picture, and it's hard to tell, but it's raining. And that is a tree "swing" the older girls rigged. Look close and you can see those stinky red sparkly shoes on Grace. With her pajamas. Do you still think I'm a good mom?

And last, but not least, my oldest girls. They slipped and slid and enjoyed the rain, too!


Anonymous said...

Kyla was pushing 4 by the time I got her potty trained.Her stubborn personality just didnt want was much easier to just let it fly and have mom change her than to actually go to the bathroom .I still have trouble with Kendall keeping her clothes on and it IS a sensory issue and a dirty issue.much like blessing,there must not be a speck of anything on it or it is tainted and must be tossed aside.LOL

My favorite memory of Jaxen is when he was three years old running across our very public front yard in his tighty whities and a pillowcase pinned around his neck-Imma a supahero,mom.Thats the good stuff!

I think you are a great mom because look at all of those kiddos having an absolute BLAST!

Annie said...

I have no idea what you are talking about....
being busy? No excuses, we want our fun on Friday:)

Princess just got out of her pullups. Not delayed, just lazy. I swore that after July 20, (3 yrs, 6 mos) I would buy no more pullups ever. Haven't and it's worked, so far. Even though the boys are 45 weeks apart, they trained at the same time. (this year, which made Felpsy 4ish) All of them feel compelled for fresh undies everytime they go, we go through about 40 it seems a day.

Our new rule for the school year is you have to be dressed. I've been reinforcing this when daddy is around by surprising everyone who is dressed with a fun trip. Boys go, princess stays. And yet today, panties only. I would complain a little more, but she folds them so nicely when she takes them off.

I do know the perfection thing. I don't clean unless I can do it perfectly. Which means 1 or 2 things a day. I'll seek help, when I can find the right guy.

I could never do the trampoline flip thingy, I'm a very big wuss. So good to see you and the kiddos playing around.