Monday, September 29, 2008


For all of those wondering, we do not a baby girl yet. I did not get a confirmation call, however I wasn't holding my breath, either. Last time we received an infant for placement I was supposed to get a phone call first, too, but they just showed up at the door. So, I still have no idea whether she's coming or not. She was not scheduled to be discharged from the hospital until today, though, and the case worker had already said she would not be able to go and get her until later this afternoon/evening. So I may not know for some time, still.

On to more news. We will be traveling out of state for a week long camp by LeeAnn's Horses for Attachment!!!! I can not even begin to accurately articulate to you all this means for our family or how thrilled I am. First of all, we don't typically have a few thousand dollars laying around to fund such an adventure. I'm not usually one to talk money, but just so you understand what kind of miracle this is, you need to know that we have been living on $300 per week for several months. And we do have both a house payment and one car payment. So, the ability alone to go is miraculous. We home school, which allows my entire family to attend and be a part of the camp. This is not necessary, but recommended, and I'm excited that the siblings of our RADish will be having some time with and now adult sibling who completely understands what that position in such a family is like. The week will be full of training sessions for my husband and I as parents, trust building activities and games for our entire family, sessions/crafts for both our RADling and all her siblings. There will be chores and work, but lots of family time to promote attachment. After talking to the director over the telephone for more than an hour, I am very excited about not only the parenting methods (Nancy Thomas often directs these camps, though she will not actually be present at this one) that we'll come home educated about, but just the atmosphere of the week should provide lots of fun as well as learning about developing conscience and promoting attachment. So, we leave in just 2 weeks, and I have even cleared taking the new little one along if she's here. Can you imagine making a 500 mile trip with 6 kids, 4 of which are 4 and under? I giggle thinking about it. We made a trip to Florida this past summer, it actually wasn't as hard as I had anticipated, but I thought if I had to sing, "The Wheels on the Bus go round and round" one more time, I would die. Really. Faint dead away! ;)

Here's to another thousand times singing that silly song!!!!


Jennifer said...

That sounds great! I bet it will help your family out a lot! I'm glad you get to go and by the way, I'll pray for your trip there!

Mandy said...

So I take it there is an equestrian program!! Hooray!!! I'm so excited for you guys. Again, please call if you need me to take a kid or two or three (or more.. I can carry 5 in my van without my kids.. 6 if Kynlee is old enough to ride up front) when packing time rolls around.


chickadee@afamiliarpath said...

i'm so glad it's all working out!

Annie said...

That's super exciting.

Also "good" songs for trips that make you want to poke your ears....
John Jacob Jingleheimer Smith
Father Abraham
The song that never ends

We have a gaggle of mp3 players that have saved our sanity on the road.

Scrapper Mom said...

ok, I finally did it. I have been a hit and miss reader mainly because we have met through Chickadee and occassionally I would stop by for a good laugh and see pictures of the girls.

But I can't be hit and miss anymore. It seems I have missed too many good posts including the wonderful, exciting news about the new babe. Therefore, I have officially added you to my list and won't get behind anymore!!! lol.

Oh, and Chickadee does have quite a way with words, huh? lol. But we love her anyway...and I can't say anything at all, because I am much too honest myself!! ug!

Maury said...

Oh, that sounds like a GREAT camp for yall! I know it will be a great experience for you!

Lisa said...

I just found this post about camp. I am so excited you are going there. Milk it for all it's worth. While you're there please tell Frances & Christy that I said hello and I'm about ready to send J back there if something doesn't give soon.
Frances (mom)& Christy (daughter) do therapeutic motivational respite for J when I need it.
You'll love it. They have great attitudes! I haven't been to their NT camp...I went to the one in FL but they are wonderful!!!
When you see Mrs. Fisk in the sidebar of my blog that is actually Christy.
I'm so excited for you!!!