Monday, September 22, 2008

Too Tired.... construct complete sentences, so, how about random thoughts in the form of bullet points?

- I now have sprayed enough deet on my children to keep a small army from getting a mosquito bite.

- It still doesn't work. My kids look no different than the abused ones I've seen as a nurse/foster parent and I talk bad about their mothers for letting their kids get so eaten up by bugs.

- RAD is still alive and kicking. I'm as stubborn as it is, though.

- Stocking up on enough sprite and saltine crackers to nurse a mega family during an outbreak of stomach virus might keep everyone else from getting it. Did I really get through that with only one child falling prey?

- We got in a great day of school, even included some fun stuff for the first day of fall. Fun stuff. Good stuff. I feel great about what we accomplished.

- School, by the way, for 3 different grades and 4 different children and chasing/meals/chores in between took from 9 till 5.

- A sense of accomplishment does not erase weariness. Lots of colors, glue sticks, leaves, reading lessons, math lessons, potty breaks, and running after one kid who might as well be the poster child for ritilin (Blessing, in case you're wondering) has taken it's toll. I'm pooped.

- It's worth it. I'm pouring my cup completely out, but He keeps overflowing it. It all comes out in the wash.

- The family bed idea was not meant for a 7 member family. Must have major discussion with children. Before tonight.

Ok, so this one can't be a bullet point because I feel the need to explain. I've never been one of those moms who thought the TV came straight from hell. But I've never really cared for it, either. I happen to think there are some great shows out there, but the commercials ruin it. It seems if my kids watch much at all they're suddenly whining about all these things they want that they don't have. Attitudes just seem to crash and burn much quicker and much more often if TV has been in the diet. Today, though, after cleaning about 3 tons of pillow stuffing (how in the world did all of that ever fit in that pillow to begin with?) after 4 loads of laundry, school, 3 meals and 3 clean ups, too many phone calls and too many melt downs; I think about 5 episodes of Dora are in order. I deserve it. So do they.


chickadee@afamiliarpath said...

congrats on the good school day. ours didn't go as well.

i'm pooped too and i didn't even do anything today. though it did remind me to take a vitamin. how many days have i missed?

there's a place for dora. especially when it's dvrd and one of the olders can zoom through commercials.

Annie said...

We went on a weekday tv ban during the week, and I can't believe it's been this long, six years ago. I got tired of competing with Spongebob.

This changed about two years ago, for the babes. I even put a tv in the playroom so they could watch whenever. Mostly they've chosen not to.

It's now a school day rule. No tv after school. The babes can watch before mothers day out if they are bathed and dressed to the shoes, somedays they do, sometimes they don't.

As for me? Looking forward to Ipod touch for Christmas, cause I love tv.

Alyssa's Mom said...

Just wanted to introduce myself. I found your blog through "Welcome to my brain". We adopted our daughter(now 9) at age 7 through foster care. She has been diagnosed RAD.

Have you read "When Love is not Enough" by Nancy Thomas? If not, I highly recommend it. Her website is here:

If you have questions, please feel free to ask. When we first began this journey we were overwhelmed!


Mandy said...

You know my stance on TV. lol Sometimes we ALL need for the kids to sit down and be quiet and mindless. ;) You definitely all deserved the Dora marathon!