Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Another fabulous present we received for Christmas was a family pass to the Museum of Discovery. So we loaded up Saturday and headed to Little Rock for the day. The kids loved the museum! Here's just a few quick pictures, but if you live in AR and haven't visited here yet, it's definitely worth a trip. There are a couple of areas dedicated to kids 6 and under, rooms to check out building materials and create, plus all the great exhibits and fun things to see and do. Faith and Hope really enjoyed it, too, but these are just some pics of the little ones in the little kid rooms.

Grace and Blessing on the monkey bars, in what they called, "the work up room". Work out, maybe? There was a tread mill there, I have no idea what they meant! ;)

Charity climbing the wall. That was her favorite part. Well, other than the food.

How Mercy spent her day:


hsmomma5 said...

I love cool presents like that! We have gone before on "free" night, but it is really not enough time to fully enjoy what they have to offer.

Lou said...

That is a great place to go. Ashton loves it.

Maury said...

We love going there! I wish I had a huge warehouse to live in, and I could design half of it like the 6 and under room! LOL

Great to see you for a sec Monday....baby girl is just BEAUTIFUL!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah I would have loved that too.We havent ever been there,yet.

I love their hair,you have to do an instructional on how to do that because that is too cool.

Did you know that our kiddos are in the same class together at school?I hear about your girl alot. wink wink