Friday, January 2, 2009

Girls, Girls, Girls

A boy would just die here. Really. Kill right over.

After the kids so pleasantly and quickly, er..., um, ahem... so that wasn't exactly how it happened. Ok, after repeating myself way too many times and finally bribing, the kids completed their zones and the house looked amazing. Alright, so that's a stretch, too. It still looked rather lived in, but better than when we first got up! ;)

Stay with me, I'm getting somewhere. After chore time, I pulled another Christmas jewel from the middle girls' stack of treasures. They had been begging, and they quickly emptied the dress up bucket for the perfect ballet outfit. I popped their new instructional dance dvd in the player, and they lined up like little ducks across the living room. I sat behind them in my chair, snickering and snapping away. They were so cute I could have bit their little cheeks. Oh! So cute!

First they stretched just as the teacher and students were doing on the dvd.

Then, on to warming up and learning the names for a few moves. I didn't crop this one so that you could see the class on the tv, too.

Then, a real dance.

And last, but not least, Hope joined the class and Faith had to step in and do some instructing of her own. She's such a first born. Sorry about the cut-off heads. I was only bouncing a fussy baby in one hand, trying to hold the camera in the other, and wiping tears from my own eyes over all the sweetness of them holding hands in that previous picture.

And if their little tooshies wiggled any more i really would have to pinch them. Maybe I did.


Green Acres said...

The little ballerinas look A-dorable! Hope and Faith look too cute too! Girls are so much fun! What kind of dvd is it? My youngest has some of the Bella Dancerella DVDs, but I'm sure she would enjoy any ballet class at home. She's always dressing up and asking to do ballet. They look like they had a great time!

Annie said...

Ahhhh Fun. I love the dancing in front of the tv thing.

glitzen said...

SOOOO cute! That will be a fun memory to tease them with someday. Love it!

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

oh so cute! Great way to keep some kids occupied wow- they are so focused, even from 'the back'!