Friday, January 9, 2009


I can't believe all the fantastic comments and outpour of support and encouragement. Isn't it amazing how people I've never met, some of who I still don't have a name for, readers I had no idea even frequented my writing, can provide some non-aloneness? And let me tell you, non-aloneness is quite the step up from thinking no one really gets it. Don't you love that word? I tend to make those up occasionally, along with fragmented sentences, or run-ons a mile long. How nice that I don't have to go open a can of worms because of it! ;)

For those of you who suggest running, that really is the biggest problem at this point. My anonymous fellow foster mom hit the nail on the head. We're talking about a ward of the state. I can't make that decision. Though I expressed my concern and frustration after the very first appointment. Apparently, a foster mom's opinion doesn't hold nearly the weight that the therapist's opinion holds. See, she has letters behind her name. And it's obvious we need therapy. I can't stop the therapy, of course, because there can be no disruption of services. I tried to explain I did not want to disrupt the service, just have a different provider. But you must move mountains to change providers, or at least have a valid reason. I suppose incompetency isn't a good enough reason. ho-hum.

But I must have really sounded pitiful. I posted that particular post just because I thought it was funny. I mean, the cat part, anyway. I certainly don't think our situation is funny, but then again, if you can't laugh....

I'm not feeling hopeless, though. You want to see a hopeless post, just visit here. That was the first day we saw this lady, and I crashed and burned the entire 2 hour ride home (that's how far I'm driving to get such good advice). An angel in disguise has already refueled me, sent me some names to research out as possible therapists (once finalization happens), and apparently has even put a care package in the mail. I'll tell you more when it arrives! ;)


Shelley @ SIMPLE Reviews said...

glad you are getting encouragement :) (cause I was about ready to offer you a DRINK, haha)

Lisa said...

I don't think your post sounded hopeless at all. Just frustrated at the insanity of the professionals. Rightfully so.

Rae's comment made me LOL. That was hysterical!

Check your email. There's a present waiting for you. *wink*

Also, if you haven't already check out
Torina & Sheri rock the house!

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

oh my unholy hell what a mess! I can vouch for the nonaloness too, it helps me a lot to know that other people have lived with and through this. And survived! At least so far! There were weeks at a time when I was convinced I was the worst possible mom for my kid, anyone, ANYone, could do a better job with her than me.
Bloody Mary and a Xanax, thats my solution (lol, just kidding, really, but may as well make that shrink do some work writing you some scripts lol)