Thursday, January 8, 2009

Reactive Attachment Disorder

RAD is kicking my butt lately. The blog is like my free therapy. I mean, I know I haven't said much about what's going on in my house, but I read some amazing blogs written by awesome moms, and this new one that you should REALLY read. If you know us, if you know my Charity, if you want to understand a little bit about how a RAD kid thinks and acts.... go read this beautiful little girl's journey to healing from RAD. She's 8, and she's making a huge difference even in my own home. This post, in particular, where she answered a lot of commenter's questions left me floored.

I'll try to post again later today and tell you about therapy yesterday. Hilarious. In a nervous, ridiculous, this can't be happening sort of way. But of course, at the moment, a baby is crying, a RADling needs attention, and Blessing is nowhere to be heard. Uh-Oh.


Shelley @ SIMPLE Reviews said...

silent blessing cannot be ignored by me, either.

You be sure you ask her about my dogs.... She was amazed :)

Lisa said...

Thanks B for the shout out on J's blog. It's astounding me too.

Keesler Chaos said...

Another RAD blog that might, maybe, be a tiny bit helpful?