Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Here's my trick or treating crew: from left to right, that's Blessing, then my sister as Cruella De Ville, baby Mercy in little orphan Annie's arms. Hope is a beauty queen (imagine that), the ghost is Charity's biological brother who is spending the weekend with us, and Grace and Charity were fairies (Blessing, too). I'll be taking the ghost back "home" tomorrow, I'll try to share more about his story later. At least a little.

Charity acted very much like the RADling she is most of the day today. Brother was coming for a visit, and she needed to sabotage any fun and express her utter dissatisfaction with the way life is going. Not to mention that when brother is here, she should be the absolute center of his attention, and she is very good at manipulating him into doing just about anything, even putting a bow in his hair and calling himself a girl. Her behavior was horrific, really. By 4:00 I was struggling with staying calm and collected. But the evening wrapped up very nicely and I'm extremely proud of her behavior during trick or treating and afterwards (despite the mound of sugar!). Though I was struggling, I expected as much for the full stay of her brother, so for her to calm down and enjoy the evening is a huge accomplishment for her!

We had fun, but I think next year we'll think of something more creative for Halloween. Start a new tradition.... any ideas?


Maury said...

Hey, if you want to do it all again tomorrow night, we will be in Monticello at my parent's church...Church of Christ. They are having a big fall festival, and my kids had so much fun last year. Love to see you!! (I should have invited you sooner, wasn't even thinking!) I will be there with all 6 of mine! (without Clay's help too..EEK!)

I am glad to hear that brother got to come for a visit. I hope that has gone well for yall. All your trick or treaters are cute!!

hsmomma5 said...

Thanks so much for sending the book. I started reading it last night--it's great! Just a few chapters in I have gleaned great info from it.

I know exactly what you mean about sucking the fun out of a happy time!!!!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely awesome!So cute!

I will be posting mine tomorrow,;););)

chickadee@afamiliarpath said...

one word of advice, don't try to make your own costumes while you are pregnant. just speaking from experience here.

they are adorable!

Annie said...

The little ones and I stay at home, load up on the glow jewelry and little flashlights and play hide and seek in the dark. Also avoiding having trick or treaters ourselves.

We also decorated cookies, and carved oranges.

I'm not particularly fond of the holiday, having grown up in the north, it is historically about 40 below this time of year, every year despite what we wanted to be we usually ended up going as snow machine racers to stave off the frost bite.

I think anything would be fine if you establish it as a tradition. We started our traditions a lot late for the older kids, the 9 year old and the littles love them though.