Thursday, October 2, 2008

Acorn Pumpkins

I know, it's a terrible picture. My good camera had a mishap with the ground more than a year ago. I cried. I still cry occasionally. My wonderful mother in law is sending it in to be fixed for my Christmas present this year. Oh, I can't wait! Till then, these blurry ones will just have to do. School has pretty much been out the window this week. But we at least were a little crafty today. It was such a beautiful, cool fall day, and we spent much of it outdoors. Well, once I talked myself into actually getting out of the bed, anyway. The newest addition still thinks night time is for playing, and day time for sleeping. If it were a born of the body baby, I'd probably be frustrated and cranky about that. Born of the heart babies are different....especially ones that I know might not be staying. They are not taken for granted. The once dread of having to get up at night suddenly becomes a privilege. It should be so with born of the body babies, too, but for some reason that isn't always as obvious with them. There's a sneak peek in one of the pictures, at least you can see how TINY she is!

Do you see that Blessing is painting her fingers more than the acorns? Oh, and she actually has her clothes on!!!!! ;)


Jennifer said...

Love the pumpkins! Isn't Fall wonderful! I'm loving this cool weather!

Maury said...

I totally agree. It is amazing how much more patience I have with my new babies than I had when mine were little. It makes me want to go back in time and do it all over again.

I was wondering if you were getting any school, or sleep done this week!

glitzen said...

Looks like fun! Glad the new teensy wheensy is settling in. What a cutie!

Annie said...

I think we have baby dolls bigger than her. Too cute. I found that my born of the heart babies were easier to establish boundaries with, but I was way over the top with my body babies. I think I found the balance when the twins came.

We're working on the "being dressed when you are out of your room" rule this week. There comes a point when you underwear radius has to contract, and we've reached it.