Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday

Somewhere around the time of the addition of our 4th child, and the ages of the oldest two, the bathroom battle began. I could never find my hairbrush because some culprit was always stealing away with it for her use, and then laying it down where ever she happened to be at the moment. "What do you mean you can't find your brush, mom? It's just right here in the pantry. "

And I will admit some fault of my own, around here we've never cared much about sharing germs or hairbrushes or even toothbrushes. Did I just lose any readers? Am I too gross to read about, now? But it did become ridiculous that no one could find their toothbrush, or a hair brush, or was fighting over the one available, or over who it was that actually left it in the fridge.

So, it was a little extra money up front, but it has been worth it! I went to hell, and purchased these tubs for each kid. It was out with pretty and in with practical. With each addition to our family (barring the baby), we added a tub. Also, it makes packing for middle aged kids easier for them, too. And with foster children, they just take their entire tub when they leave. Each child has their own toothbrush, toothpaste, brush, even a travel size mouthwash, etc. Older kids have deodorant and whatever else they might need and not want to share with smaller children in their own tub.

When making the purchases I was a little worried that it wouldn't really solve the problems, especially if the kids just left all their stuff out, anyway. But I told the kids anything left out was "free" for anyone else to use, and/or abuse. I don't think I've ever seen anyone's things out of their tub.


Shelley said...

I have a friend with 4 kids that has a color for each kid, they have a blue cup, blue towel, blue washcloth, etc, so if she sees one out, she knows what kid did it.

Lou said...

You have got to let me know if this work. Does it keep a 1 year old from climbing the cabinet and opening it up? That is where most of our stuff goes. Especially the hairbrush. She hides it because she doesn't want me to brush her hair. I don't know how many hairbrushes I have bought.

Anonymous said...

How big are those tubs?Our bathroom is teeny tiny and I have just recently realized with a 4th on the way it is time to get life a bit more efficient around here.

Two of my kids can do their own laundry now...LOL,now its just a matter of whether they will or not.

Oh,oh yeah,they have kids toothpaste at Dollar Tree(name brand too)so that might be a cost cutting thing for you.

hsmomma5 said...

We use a similar system, except it is little plastic baskets with handles at our house. It makes a huge difference. I do like the philosophy of "anything left out is free for anyone to use" though--I will have to remember that one!