Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Busy, Busy

We're busy as bees. We're having good school days, working hard, and that just leaves very little time on the computer for me!

Math for Hope

Faith's science notebook with a recently finished page. We're currently studying botany.

I love this next picture for a couple of reasons. The biggest one because Faith is actually teaching Grace and Charity their math lesson. During nap time one day, I taught Faith and Hope how to teach the little ones their first few math concepts, and then had them teach the lessons back to me. I did that for several reasons - I may take the time to explain later -, but for now I just want to brag. Faith did a GREAT job with the "littles" (I can't call them babies forever). I was so proud.
The other reasons I like the picture are all the things you can tell about our home and my parenting just from looking at the details:
1. Notice the ergo on the back of Grace's chair. I'm a baby wearer! ;) Even though my current "baby" is 3. I still wear her all the time.
2. Notice the ring pops. This actually is not typical at all, but when grouchy children who won't nap dictate, I can bribe for a little peace. Obviously. And I can allow sugar for special treats.
3. Notice the decor on the furniture behind the table. It once held a beautiful vase with flours, an elegant creamy white bowl full of fruit (even the bowl's crack was beautiful and elegant and added so much character), and what we call our family altar (more on that later). But, as you can see, it was out with beautiful, and in with practical. And though there is a baby doll peering out over the school table from one of the girl's baskets, they actually hold school books and supplies for each of my students.
4. Last but certainly not least, the big red bow on grace's head. You can't really tell from the picture, but the outfit she has on is mostly orange in color. (the shorts and what is on the t-shirt) The bow only matches the ring pop, And the shoes you KNOW are on her feet! ;) This is my best mothering trait....picking the battles carefully. And being wise enough to know what really matters and what doesn't. Ok, ok, so SOMETIMES it's a great trait. Sometimes I have to work at it. And sometimes wanting neat-as-a-tac children does get the best of me. And I dress them all in the cutest dresses and MATCHING bows and demand little red shoes NOT be part of the attire. I even fix the ten yr old's hair, much to her dismay. But that's more rare than ring pops.


Maury said...

Sniff sniff....all this fun stuff makes me miss my kiddos! We also were doing Math U See.

Keep up the good work girlies!

glitzen said...

great glimpse into everyday life..i love it. we homeschool too! still on summer vacation though, except for starting Italian..woo hoo! they love it so far.
love your blog!