Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Rainy days

I love rainy days. Although I admit the drought may have contributed to how much I've relished in the last couple of days. Not only has the rain brought with it some relief from the draining heat and drought, but they have been perfect days for sleeping late, napping, reading, and catching up on some much needed chores. We also had pizza night tonight, and instead of the normal salad that I usually toss to healtherize the meal (I like to make up words), the girls and I made a dessert pizza. If you've never had this, it's a MUST! Just roll out some sugar cookie dough for the pizza crust. Once cooked, spread with a cream cheese and sugar mix (1/3 cup sugar per 8 oz cream cheese), then top with fruit. Viola! Dessert pizza. Though we actually ate it before the other home made pizzas. Oh, well. We were making memories.

So here's how Charity and Grace have been spending a lot of their time. They found an old dvd of Hope's, that came with some dress-up ballet stuff once upon a time. It's an instructional type dvd complete with stretching, positions, bends, jumps, etc. They put it on the TV and dance FOR HOURS!

Notice the worn red shoes, not the new ones. ;)

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Annie said...

We are deciding which Olympic event to commit to, although with them being three and four we may have missed our chance. But we have been swimming and diving in the living room for days now.

Re the shoes, they may need to get lost, Radical had an army shirt that needed to be memorialized before it fell apart, I hid it one day then forgot where I put it, really forgot. Found it a couple of years later and showed it to him. He wondered why I would let him wear such an ugly thing every day for a year. This coming from the boy who cried during the entire wash/dry cycle, every day or so for a year.