Monday, August 11, 2008


Dear little red shoes,

I know that to the normal eye you may be considered old, worn, and even ugly. I know your once bright red is completely worn away on the toes, lighter in some places than others, and your velvet is stained with milk and juice and ice cream and such. But to Grace, and to me, you just may be the most beautiful pair of shoes we've ever seen. I remember when the kitten chased your bows, and when the dog had his turn of chewing on you. You have endured being left out in the pouring down rain, waiting patiently by the trampoline until you were found again. You have also endured miles and miles of parading around town, sported by your wearer, though not one thing else on her body was red. Well, I suppose you do match her lips. Or her rosy cheeks. But never her clothes. She's worn you in the exhausting heat of an Arkansas summer: with her bathing suit, with her beautiful white dress for church, with her pajamas. Even while she slept, often begging to not have you taken off as we tucked her in bed. Sometimes I would sneak into her room and gently pull you from her feet as she slept. Other times I just left you there, knowing you'd make her smile first thing in the morning. She has loved you dearly.

We bought a new pair of shoes for Grace's 4th birthday. Don't be sad. Yes, she was very excited to see those bright new ones. And, yes, you were quickly thrown to the side, seemingly forgotten. But I assure you, no one can take your place. You're just tired, and old, and I want to put you in a shadow box before you fall completely apart. I am so thankful for the joy you've brought my little Grace. You'll be treasured. And talked about for years to come. Grace's little "Dorosy" shoes.

With much love and adoration,



chickadee said...

what a pefect gift for that sweet girl!

The Source said...

Aww...make sure the worn out Dorosy Shoes get a special place of honor, Mom. She needs to show those to her own little girl som day.

I love the sparkly new ones, too!

Mandy said...

Oh, what beautiful new red shoes! If those won't click and take you home again I don't know what shoes will. ;)

I love this post... it sums up how I feel about SO MANY ITEMS in our home. Now that we're packing away baby toys for the FINAL time, I'm having the same feeling about several toys and books. Out with the old and in with the new I suppose.

dean said...

just do what the olympic athlete did because she was so proud of her gold medals...

have them bronzed.

Shelley said...

ya know how moms used to bronze their kids baby shoes.... I think you should do the dorosy ones!