Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Fashion Statements

Grace and Charity both love to play dress up. Charity unfortunately got left out of pictures this morning, cause she's busy doing extra work to make restitution for her behavior last night. She suddenly got very stuck. VERY stuck. It was actually kind of good. I mean, not at all. I was angry. Thank goodness Hubby was here to have a level head and lovingly dole out creative responses. She couldn't find her voice (you know, long pauses before answering, mumbling, speaking very soft or whiny or both). So he had her crawl and look for it. She was not happy. Every minute or so he'd ask her if she'd found it yet. It took her a good while before she said "Yes, I found it" it a nice, normal voice. "Oh, good!" He said. "I'm so happy to hear you sweet voice I love so much is back!". She forgot where her plate goes after dinner (even though she's cleared her place and put her dished into the sink every day for 2 years now). She just stood there saying, "but I don't know where it goes!". Ahem. Then she said her sister hurt her. One of her big sisters who wasn't even in the room. Yes, she was really at it yesterday. And I'm so glad Hubby was there to handle most of it.

Cause I was done. I really didn't even want to think about appropriate responses anymore. I was exhausted and frustrated.

But what was good was that when she was tucked into bed (early because she never did get it together enough to cooperate), Tj and I were talking about how long it's been since she was that stuck. I remember a time when all day every day was a complete battle of the wills. Especially before I learned a lot of therapeutic parenting techniques. We were clashing CONSTANTLY. As frustrating as it was for her to stick her heels in deep yesterday it really was a "aha" moment... realizing how far she's come. She really melted for most of the evening, but the earlier part of the day had been fine, and it's been weeks since an episode like that.

So didn't mean to go on a RAD tangent, but it seemed kind of unfair that Charity wasn't in the picture.. cause she loves dress up every bit as much as Grace. They are both little fashion divas... though with very different spins. Grace's style is wild and nothing matches. The louder and more crazier the colors and fabrics are, the better. Charity is all about things that actually look good together. She'd rather dress up in real clothes, dresses and pantie hose and have her sisters do her hair all fancy than to wear those old dance costumes and hats that Grace loves. Grace will look absolutely ridiculous in swim goggles, cowboy boots, and a leotard. She will go to town like that and strut with glee while everyone looks her way and laughs (and wonders what kind of mother she has). Charity wouldn't be caught dead in something so ridiculous. She, too, likes to strut, but in class, not goofiness. ;)

Boy I'm taking the long way around on today's post.. the point was those glasses on Grace's face. They've been there every day for over a week now. She loves those things. Her obsessions with Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz and those little red shoes have faded, and a new one for Scooby Doo has erupted. I didn't realize the connection till she was on her hands and knees, all squinty eyes, patting the ground around her saying, "Oh no! My glasses! My glasses! I can't find them!" and, "Jinkies! there they are!". Silly girl. She makes me smile.

Oh, and Blessing? Notice she's in regular clothes. She HATES dress up. She can tolerate a leotard if there is nothing itchy or lacy or the seams aren't too tight. And the tag has been cut out. For a few minutes. Then she sheds it. She does like toboggans, though! ;) And she loves to carry purses... to fill, dump, and refill the bags over and over. That girl!

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