Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Daunting Task

I love this time of year. I really do. We hear frogs singing at night, and birds singing in the mornings. The kids stay outside almost all day, running in and out only for drinks, snacks, and to bring me treasures... usually in the form of flowers (weeds) or rocks. They bring in a mess of dirt and leaves with them, but I suppose that's what brooms are made for.

Because we store non-seasonal clothes in bins out in the garage, when a season change comes this daunting task of sorting, trying-on, washing, and packing away comes with it. My living room looks like a few dressers and a garage sale threw up in there. Not only are clothes everywhere, but because I'm not doing my normal pick-up-behind-kids-every-hour routine, so the whole house is a mess. Ugh.

The kids love it, though. It's like shopping. They're trying on clothes and oooing and aaaahhhhing and saying, "cccuuuutttteee". Not only that, but since I'm so preoccupied with sorting, washing, making lists of needs, etc., the T.V. has been on for 2 days straight. I'm not bothering them about school work. It's win-win for them! ;)

Hopefully I'll finish up all the clothes today, and it will be on to the shoe buckets tomorrow. Joy, joy.


Me said...

hee hee....I did this with the big kids this weekend...b/c they have been BEGGING me! They kept saying, "our summer clothes are so much cuter than our winter"....when actually, sadly, they had outgrown most of their now I am on the hunt at all the Goodwill stores. :)

Now I need to sort through all the baby clothes....I have 3 boy's worth of clothes packed away to see what Christian can wear, and someone gave me a ton for Zachariah, so hopefully I will have all I need there.

Becky said...

Girl, I was just sending comments back and forth through Facebook with Suzanne about this. We're not quite there yet with the weather still a little cold here- but it's coming soon! I agree, shoes are another project in itself! :)

glitzen said...

Yikes. Its a pain with just two girls, I can't image the job you have. I don't have a single thing for the girls this summer, they have just grown so much. Off to the thrift store, I guess..