Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Strangling Barbies

The UPS guy delivered the swings! Thanks SO MUCH to my husband's mom, who we all call "Mimi", for the lumber and the swings. It's perfect, and the kids LOVE it!

Mercy says "Cheese" now, any time the camera is out. Well, actually she doesn't say "cheese" at all. But she slaps on this grin and hums at a high pitch. She thinks she's saying "Chesse". Does that count as talking?

They sweep, sweep, sweep, and sweep the inside of their clubhouse. Must be the dirtiest floor ever in there...

Oh, fashionable Grace.

Faith and Hope spent their evening tearing up our tree. And Strangling Barbies. I suppose that needs some explaining. It started on the trampoline, tossing hula hoops. Before long, a hoop was hung in the tree. They tossed another hoop in an effort to knock the first one down... of course that resulted in 2 stuck hoops. And so the quest to retrieve them began. Do you see the monkey in the tree? She's well hidden in the leaves, but she's pretty high.

And then there was this bright idea to tie their barbies to a rope. They would toss it and try to hang their home made anchors to the hula. It eventually worked.... and apparently the whole deal was just more fun than they could stand and so they tossed the hoops into the tree again. Silly girls.


Maury said...

That is one cool club house...we've gotta come visit!!

Yes, that counts as cheese...b/c it is too stinking cute!

Mandy said...

aww!! That pic of Mercy made me smile! (complete with the fake "cheese" sound) ;)

I am laughing my head off at the girls and their quest to save the hula hoops!!! lol!!

glitzen said...

Ha ha, that's cute. Love kids and their creative ideas for fun. :)

Anonymous said...

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