Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hogskin Holidays

To celebrate Charity's birthday, we spent a day at Hogskin Holidays. The girls had arm bands for the fair and spent most of the day riding rides. Unfortunately, I have a little one with sticky fingers (Mercy), and the photo card from the day is GONE. Ugh. I'm totally sad about that (and my mom is gasping... it was hers... don't worry too much, mom, I had already looked at it and the only pictures on it were the ones from that day). Anyway, I did load just a few of the pictures for a sneak peek, just not very many. I really hate not having pictures of Charity blowing out her motif candle (oops) on her birthday cake.

But at least I can share a few pictures with you. Believe it or not, Grace, the biggest fraidy cat of the bunch (typically) got on the ferris wheel. Her first ride was with Faith and Charity. Can you tell which one Grace is? Lol.

Don't worry, she got over it and actually rode the ferris wheel several more times.

Hope, who is fairly fearless when it comes to rides, unfortunately is also extremely prone to motion sickness. Rides opened at 10 a.m. At 10:05, one ride later (a doozy of a ride, mind you... she picked the spinniest -yes, I make up words- one there... the Scat II) she was green tinted and about to lose her breakfast. Her nana bought her a coke, and she stood sipping while everyone else rode other rides.

Mercy spent most of the day attached to Aunt Lissa, and Melissa climbed up and down that silly slide more times than I can count. Huge grins from Mercy, then grunts to get right back on. Mercy grunts, Melissa obliges (or mom, or sisters, or whoever is close). ;-)

It's a terrible picture, but at least it's proof we had funnel cakes! What's a fair experience without the food... the kids all had foot long corn dogs and funnel cakes!

Charity loved riding and did a great job handling a day of indulgence and fun. We all enjoyed the day, even enjoyed her, being with her, and watching her have a great time without becoming obnoxious or ridiculously hyperactive. Blessing who is typically fearless, is actually very afraid of rides. She stuck by my side most of the morning, but eventually mustered up the courage and rode lots of rides, including big ones. My big 2 girls have loved rides since they were small, so everyone had a great time!

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