Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hogskin Hammies

Remember that little town festival Hogskin Holidays? Well, I failed to mention my oldest 2 girls marched in the parade as a little group that made up the Hogskin Hammies. They were decked out in boas and necklaces and piggy ear-rings, and carried lawn chairs with them. Yes, lawn chairs. With all the flare of Stomp, they did a little routine that included banging the chairs on the ground, slapping them open and shut, and twirling them in rhythmic fashion.

Yes, very cool.

What's even cooler is that the governor (along with his entourage of security people and paparazzi - which my husband and I thought was hilarious - where did he think he was? Chicago?) took notice. He, too, was in the parade, and as it turns out tried his hand at lawn chair drums. Here's a picture of my grandmother bossing around the governor. Who would have ever thought I'd see the day? Apparently Hope is really enjoying the boss session, too. Funny girl.

And here's the whole hammie group with him. Are they cute?

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Mandy said...

LOL!! Go Grandma!!!

Okay, that is so cute! I have never even heard of this little festival! I can't believe the Gov. was there! We saw him at the Pink Tomato Festival last summer.. I was shocked. lol