Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Breaking the Silence, and Beautiful Babies

Let's face it. I just won't ever be very consistent. At least not anytime soon. We should be closing on our current home tomorrow or Friday (hopefully), and closing on the one we are buying about a week after that. There is a few days to a week's worth of work on the new one before we can move in, but I'm already packing and purging like a crazy woman. I love throwing things away! ;) The complete opposite of my mom, who said, "I guess as long as I don't see what you're throwing away, it'll be ok." Very serious like. I assured her most of it was truly trash. And what might actually still be in tact and working, but hasn't been used since who knows when is being passed on to someone else. I'm really almost embarrassed at the amount of stuff we've accumulated. Good grief. Who even knew this house could hold that much?

A couple of random things I've heard since my little blog-cation:

"Mom, can I make with glitter again for st. bernard's day?" - Grace. I think she meant Valentines Day.

Said at church just after Sunday school, "Where's Tinkerbell? I can't find her!" - Blessing. With all the seriousness that assured me she knew Tinkerbell. About that time, a little girl I had not seen before came literally flittering by in a very pretty fairy looking dress. I leaned over to the teacher and asked what the new little girl's name was. It was Annabell.

"I can't wear those. My hair is brown." -Charity. Who thinks her hair, shirt, pants, and shoes should all match.

"Aren't you too old for that?" -Faith. When I was trying to dance the way they were. Did I just admit that?

"You're gonna pull your back!" -Hope. Darn that wittiness. You can expect her birthday post coming up... we'll have a big 9 year old girl soon!


Maury said...

I love that picture of the 6 girls!!! It couldn't be more perfect!!

The blog color looks good too!

Anonymous said...

Okay how did you get them all to look AT the camera?Love the new blog look!

OK have to know....where ya movin to?

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

Great pic!
I have been on a purging BINGE lately. After the super long winter I cant stand the inside of my house and all the things in it anymore! I love spring! I love moving, it is a great way to get rid of a bunch of crap. Then when you get to your new house it is like you are opening presents for weeks!
(well, thats how it feels to me!)

Anonymous said...

I want lots of girls to dress all samers. Oh wait, no I don't. But darn are yours cute! Glad to see you, if even for a moment.

Anonymous said...

abby always says the same thing. doesn't matter if it's 3 different browns she's wearing because they all "match" her hair and eyes!

i think your second born is changing the most in looks. love the photo!


glitzen said...

What a GORGEOUS PHOTO!!! They are precious indeed. Love that Tinkerbell story, how cute is that??? :)

Jennifer said...

They all looked so pretty that day!! Well, they look pretty everyday, but you know what I their matching outfits! I love the pic!! Congrats on your new house! I hope we can still keep in touch!