Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday

Baby Must-Have(s):

Here is my favorite thing for my little one! I LOVE this sling. The picture is terrible.... that is true stay-at-home-mom form! The old, gray, ratty sweatshirt. Complete with spit up on he shoulder. I promise, I can don a sleek black top and look cute as a button with that same sling. Mercy has spent hours in it, it's very comfy for her, and I can hold and still have 2 free hands. LOVE IT! I have one of these, which I also love and strongly recommend for any parent, but I don't like it until baby is about 5 months old. Then, it's the absolute best way for wearing baby.

Here's another favorite. My other babies didn't have these, and I just love them for Mercy. Actually, my older kids like them, too. They usually wear them on their arms - you can check out the website to see all kinds of patterns and ways to wear them. For Mercy, I love that I can just put a onesie on her, these great babylegs, and change her diaper without the frustrating buttons or pulling on and off pants, and they keep her legs warm! ;) She isn't old enough yet, but I'm betting they don't slide off when crawling like other pants seem to do. And even the body suits aren't good for crawling because babies somehow end up pulling their knees and feet all the way up to where their belly should be! ;)


Jennifer said...

I love both of those and never had either with any of mine! I wish I would've though!

Annie said...

Love the boppy. I never found a sling that I loved, although I tried a ton, that one looks cool, but not cool enough to try out personally:)

I hope that picture is a couple weeks old, because that baby is still so tiny.

Brenda said...

Awww. They didn't make those when my girls were little. Great for attachment!! Thanks for stopping by!

Keesler Chaos said...

I love the Baby Legs! Oh but the price!!

lisa b said...

I loved my sling. I wore all my babies as long as possible.

And no picture of you could be anything but beautiful.

I hope I can see your (larger) family soon. :-)

Anonymous said...

I am glad you posted this,I have been struggling in the sling arena-

I have been checking out the baby legs,hope I can find some on Ebay because they are steep!