Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Nasty Day

We started off yesterday morning at 5 a.m. I woke up in a panic. Not sure exactly why. And that isn't very typical of me. I've lived in Arkansas almost my entire life, and I've not once gotten into a tub or hallway despite many, many, many tornado warnings. But, for whatever reason, a loud crash of thunder woke me with a jolt, and the lightening streaked so bright across the sky that I could see the trees outside our bedroom door bending over to touch the ground. The roar of the wind was almost as loud as the thunder, and before I could clear my brain from the half-asleep funk, I kicked my husband and said, "Get the kids" and jumped out of bed like a crazy woman. He obeyed. Which I now think is hilarious. No questions, no second guessing, he just jumped right up and ran out of the room. I grabbed the 2 that had already made it into our bed, some pillows, and we got in the hallway. After only a few minutes, with 6 children wide awake, giggling and raring to start their day, the wind already quieting, I was major regretting that decision. And my husband was reprimanding me (and making much fun) of my terrified state of mind. I took the teasing with a smile (or not), and felt pretty silly for being so rash. Come to find out, though... a tornado did indeed touch ground just 7 miles north of where we were. Momma's not so crazy after all.

School was cancelled for the day, and what do you do in the house with all these hyper, woke-up-too-early, can't go outside for the flooding, children? They really are creative. They cracked me up with this game:

For all of you who can't read or interpret children's writing.... that's "Beware Claws and Vicious Cat Den This Way". I should mention that when I saw the sign, our prissy little kitten was just underneath it. Faith was less than thrilled with my laughter. She said, "not THAT cat, Mom, the cats are in the den!" So I walked a little farther into one of the bedrooms that they had destroyed, er... um... ahem.... I mean created a wonderful den.

See all the kitty claws? The sound effects were fantastic, too. Lots of meowing, and maniacal type crying as they pretended to want to bite me to pieces. Thankfully that well built den held them back!

And then, when the arguing was more than I could take, we settled in for a movie and popcorn. A little later, after lunch, we all took a much needed nap. And the sun actually appeared in the afternoon.


Anonymous said...

We were in the tub,well as many as could fit,where we are in every tornado warning b/c I am the opposite of you...LOL.The one time my husband DIDNT make fun of me.

That is the cutest thing EVER!!!

chickadee@afamiliarpath said...

i saw some of the tornado damage today. tried to call but didn't get an answer. you should have all that stuff packed up! nary a cat's den in sight.