Friday, March 27, 2009

My week in a Nutshell

This week I have:

- called poison control. Blessing drank about 3 quarters of a bottle of cough and cold syrup. And the poster child for ritalin became even more hyper. Didn't think that was possible.

- sold my house. Er, um, at least signed a contract with a tentative closing date - April 30.

- took Grace to the doctor, where she proclaimed to the doctor before the exam that she had an "ear defection and I need Auntie Body Tics." Doctor S replied that she loved people who self diagnose, and I admitted we "borrowed" the otoscope before the doctor came in and I had already seen the "defected" ear. She had a little help with her own diagnosis. After all, Doctor S is the one who taught me what to look for in the first place. Ah, I miss being a nurse some days.

- took Grace to the doctor AGAIN. This time because she let Blessing stuff toilet paper all up her nose. Actually, my husband made this trip, and did nothing shy of laugh his head off as Dr. S made Grace repeat after her, "Nothing goes in my eyes, ears, mouth, or nose unless Mommy or Daddy say so." And when she got home, I added, "or any other orface." Oh, yes, I did go there. ;)

- house shopped twice to no avail. Am getting worried. With foster children in our home, where we move to is EXTREMELY important. As in, could lose children over such. I'm losing sleep.

- realized Blessing was too quiet, found her in her room, painting the walls with something blue and lots of sprinkles. LOTS of sprinkles. Realized it was the contents of the lava lamp, which she pulled off the shelf, broke, and then proceeded to rub her hands in, getting them nice and covered with the sparkly blue mess, and then rub all in her hair, all over the wall, and all over her little book shelf. MInd you, the blue liquid actually came up fairly easily, but the sprinkles? oh, my. EV.Ry.Where. And they do not vacuum, wipe, or sweep up. You must pick them up One. By. One. with your finger and thumb. Lovely.

- Later the same day, wondered why Blessing was broke out in hives? All over her legs. And then I remembered, the blue liquid she bathed herself in. Yep, severe reaction. Benedryl, and then again the poster child for ritalin becomes even more hyper. Gotta love that!

- played in the rain.

- burnt soup. Now I ask. Really, has anyone else EVER burnt soup? How is that possible?

And while this may sound pitiful, it's really beautiful insanity. A welcomed chaos that I'd be lost without. And when I finish my race at least I'll be able to say I completely emptied myself, and ran with all my might! And I'm betting I will miss these days. Though a break sounds really good. Just typing it all makes me tired. ;)


lou said...

Wow. You make me tired too. Glad I only have two. I mean three with Michael. By the way Michael informed me he has burnt soap.

Anonymous said...

It seems we either don't go to the dr/er/uc or we go 15 times in one week.

You might try one of those tape rollers for the sparklies, we had a glitter incident one time and it worked, but was not covered in any sort of blue goo.

Yea, we've finally gotten to the point of not needing baby gates. I know they are 4,4 and 5.

Felpsy drank an undetermined amount of flouridated mouth wash, I then learned about "probable toxic dose"

Good luck on the house hunt, do you have to get an updated homestudy before you move in?

A.J. Huffman said...

Sounds like you've had one heck of a week. Just wanted to say I miss you guys, and I am praying for ya'll.

Lisa said...

I am a soup burner too. Fun isn't it? We're our own special breed.

Yep. I love it too. That's why I can't wait to do it again.

Jodi said...

Wow, I'm exhausted just from reading all of that. I bet I could burn soup too. Sorry, hopefully next week will be a little better for ya!

Maury said...

All that fun, and no mention of your RADling girl! I hope that is a good sign! haha

Good luck with the house hunting...are you hunting in your same town, or a new one? I need to e-mail/call to catch up with you.

Deb said...

Sold your house, Praise the Lord! I guess! We will be praying for your search. And yes, I have also burnt soup! How bout the "job" for TJ. Have you guys heard anything yet? Email me! We love you guys & hope to see you soon. Tell the girls their Nina loves them.