Monday, May 26, 2008


Thanks for all the bloggy support! ;) And thanks to all for offering to link me, but for now I think it's best not to. I don't really want to set the blog to private, but may decide on that route later. I'd love to have readers from far and wide, and I know going private will bring that dream to a screeching halt.... but I certainly don't want to cross any line when it comes to the privacy of the foster children in our home, and their families. That is the biggest reason for using blog names, and not disclosing which of the children are foster, and which of them are biological or adopted.

We had a great day...unless you count the last 30 minutes. Arriving home after a day full of fun usually means melt-down city for everyone. Mounds of dirty clothes from camping, bags galore thrown from the van to just inside the front door, very dirty children screaming in the shower because of those tiny cuts and slight sun burn, hungry and completely worn out kids (and parents) all combine for a not-so-nice scene before finally getting them all clean, fed and in bed. I'll tackle the mess at the door tomorrow....wouldn't it be just like DHS to do a surprise visit first thing in the morning? My house is in shambles!!!! Here are some pics from the day:

Blessing jumping rope with Nana.

I love the smile on Charity's face in this one!

Faith and Hope just before soaking each other in the lake.

Little guy hanging out in the shade.

And last, but certainly not least, sassy Grace hanging her feet off the dock.


Shelley said...

I still smile when I think about "grace" stuttering MOMMA! wwwwwhat THAT? at the little guy's diaper change, lol!

Glad you guys had a blast.

K.T. is Mommatude said...

Looks like you all had a blast though and that is wonderful!!!!!

Mandy said...

I know I say it all of the time.. but it just AMAZES me that if you didn't know who was bio and who was foster/adopted.. YOU COULDN'T TELL! lol

I love little man's outfit ;) I'm glad his legs aren't as fat as my little guy's were.. someone finally got to wear it! It's so cute on him... red is his color!

Don't worry.. DHS can barely make it to your house for scheduled visits.. do you really think they'll sporadically show up? lol KIDDING!

Maury said...

Looks like lots of fun with all those kiddos!! Little Man is SO CUTE!